Welcome to the Central New York Chapter
of the
North Country Trail Association

The North Country Trail Association has a paid membership approximating 2,500. Many of these members are also active supporters of regional trail organizations along the route of the North Country National Scenic Trail (NCNST). Counting all members of affiliate organizations, over 10,000 individuals support the concept of the NCNST.

The Central New York Chapter has approximately 140 members. One of our goals is to attract and retain membership, both in terms of number and diversity.

Exploring, Building, and Maintaining the Link Trail/NCST in Central New York—together with other segments of the NCNST per our charter—gives us a significant role in building a part of America’s longest hiking trail.

Do you want to take a hike....work on the trail.....lend your skills? Questions? Contact us.
Volunteers are a major element of the Link Trail/North Country National Scenic Trail. There are volunteer jobs in administration or in the field. On the trail, volunteers build, relocate and design trail sections, build and repair trail structures, and install trail markers and signage. Volunteers can join route scouting committees, become a trail adopter, organize events or lead hikes. Year ‘round, volunteers assist in all areas: publications, fund raising, grant writing, membership development and more.

OR, just become a valued member and support the trail. Membership is now an affordable $20 a year.

North Country Trail Association Central New York Chapter

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Executive Committee elections will be held this October. If you have an interest in serving on the committee, let us know. There will be several openings awaiting enthusiastic volunteers. If you have talents you would like use, and to be more involved in promoting the trail, setting policy, communication, and fostering membership, please let us know. Check the "Contact Us" page for contact information. Anyone listed on that page can provide you with more information.