Scenic shots from along the Link Trail/North Country Trail.
Chittenango Falls
State land in Nelson
Sailboats on Cazenovia Lake

Photo Journal

Osprey above the Erie Canal Towpath
Historic structures present mysteries scattered along the trail. What is it? Who built it? How was it accessed and used?
Why such an elegant structure to provide drainage under a railroad track?
Maple sugar hut. Where's the access road?
One of many open-air sculpture exhibits at the Stone Quarry Hill Art Park
Our famous "smiling stump" (in the center).
As you explore the trail, be aware of weather conditions that influence footing, especially on hills and steep terrain. Take precautions to remain safe.
Staircase and walkway, newly constructed (at left) and in use by 2008 National Conference hikers (above).
Some work is accomplished through a combination of grants from NCTA, National Parks, and New York State organizations. In photo at right, a deep ravine is being transformed into a walkable section of the Link Trail.
The majority of trail work is accomplished the old-fashioned way - by dedicated volunteers. Join us on a work hike this season. You'll see some specacular scenery, and get some great exercise!

North Country Trail Association Central New York Chapter

Installing the Cottons Road Resting Bench.