Trail Closure Advisories

North Country Trail Association Central New York Chapter

Regarding the closure of Chapman Rd (off Carpenter Rd):
Chapman Rd has been an access road from Carpenter Rd to the Link trail crossing. The first part of Chapman Rd is maintained by DeRuyter DPW. There is then a section of road that crosses a private camp property (this is now considered their "driveway" and they are responsible for maintaining it). Subsequently, the road enters DEC land (near where the Link trail crosses)... this road used to be the responsibility of Georgetown DPW but it has now been abandoned by them and is is no longer maintained.
Recent rains have caused the creek adjacent to the road to flood and there has been extensive washout and damage to Chapman road. DeRuyter DPW was notified and has done some initial repair work on it between Carpenter Rd and the Private Camp. However, no work has been done on the section crossing the private camp. The section that they did some temporary fixes on does not have room to turn around so don't get in there!
Since the road beyond the private camp on DEC land has been abandoned, it will not be repaired. And this is where the really dangerous, washed out section is, right at the Link Trail crossing... it should be considered impassable by vehicles. If the bank were to give way it could flip a vehicle and drop it 5-6 feet into the creek. The DEC biologist might even have a couple of trees dropped across the road to ensure no vehicles attempt to get through. He might consider clearing a place for cars to park between the private camp and the trail crossing, but no guarantees on that.
Coming in on Chapman from the east (i.e. from Chapin Rd) is also impossible due to extensive washout of the road. Bottom line... hikers/stewards/other users looking at access to Carpenter Hill at this time should park on Carpenter Rd at the Spur Trailhead and hike the spur trail in.
Trail Section Inaccessible to Vehicles