National Trails Day

Thanks to the following for an informative tour of the impressive beaver dams in the Tioughnioga Wildlife Management Area:

North Country Trail Association Central New York Chapter

Dr. Dietland Muller describes how the beaver colony establishes itself and maintains a habitat through a series of building projects.
One of the larger ponds. Eventually evergreens will be the only trees left in the immediate area. Formation of a "beaver meadow" will follow. The meadow may persist, or eventually become overgrown by deciduous trees.
The dams are quite high, and present a challenge to rerouting the trail across what is, at best, a persistently boggy area.
Steve Kinne points out a trail section that has been submerged by the beavers' damming activity. Note the blaze on the submerged tree.
An upstream view of the construction techniques used by the beaver colony to trap water flow and create the ponds needed for protection and navigation.