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National Parks Service Makes Form 301A
The longer story:

The North Country National Scenic Trail is primarily built and maintained by Volunteers organized by our non-profit partner the North Country Trail Association. Materials and training are provided through the Volunteers in Parks (VIP) program of the National Park Service (NPS).

The link below will leads to various documents which are provided to support NPS VIPs in their work on the North Country National Scenic Trail and to ensure a fun and safe experience.

The 301A Volunteer Agreement Form is for use by Chapter Leaders to sign up individuals as official NPS VIP's if they are not already listed on a group form with the Chapter.

The 301A Volunteer Agreement Form MUST BE FILLED OUT by every volunteer working on a trail section that is a part of the North Country Trail. NCTA members are covered by a group form, and do not need to file an individual form.

Form 301A provides certain types of injury and tort protection. See the NPS web site listed below for details.

The 301A form is availble on the web site listed below. The form cannot be saved to your computer. Once filled out, it should be printed.
The short story: