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New York State "Watchable Wildlife" Web Site
           New York State has long been one of the nation’s premier, year-round destinations for wildlife viewing because of its range of habitats, migration corridors, public lands and public facilities. A national survey estimated that there are nearly four million people that participate in wildlife watching in New York annually, and while participants are increasing their appreciation of nature, they often also contribute to local economies. Watchable Wildlife, which can be found at the web site above, provides a user-friendly way to look up the best locales and settings to view wildlife – and helps promote eco-tourism opportunities in the state.
            “Wildlife watching is a fun activity that everyone – young and old – can participate in and helps increase public understanding and appreciation of our state’s precious natural resources,” DEC Commissioner Pete Grannis said. “With these new tools being introduced as part of the Watchable Wildlife initiative, DEC and our partners are helping to enhance that experience with convenient and easy ways to help make nature even more accessible.”
            Web visitors will be able to search by animal type or region, allowing people to find out what’s available just around the corner or in other areas of the state. Whether it’s a field trip to see hundreds of migrating hawks or a short drive down the road to a beaver pond, Watchable Wildlife aims to provide a variety of opportunities for residents and out-of-state visitors.
            Viewing sites include parks, refuges and wildlife management areas administered by DEC, the state Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation (OPRHP), the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation and non-profit groups such as Audubon and The Nature Conservancy. One special feature about the web page is that the public will be encouraged to nominate new sites; DEC will also continue to add listings as nominations are received and accepted.

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